Metrology is the back bone of quality control and assurance . In this modern era of globalisation and standardization of products, a finished product should conform to the international standard for the universal acceptance....

Our NABL Scope

Introduction to Linear Metrology

Metrology is the back bone of quality control and assurance. In this modern era of globalisation and standardization of....

Metrology the Science of measurements

Metrology and calibration can be traceable back many millennia. Some of the early examples are mentioned in the texts of....

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We offer short term courses on Quality concepts and importance of Metrology and Calibration in modern engineering. This program is....

Our Mission

To contribute to the rapid development of the nations export of engineering products by providing metrology and calibration services and products to the manufacturing industries.
IMS realizes that in a rapidly developing country there is an urgent need to identify innovative calibration technologies that have potential for large scale production and scrap reduction. Further to evolve and demonstrate processes that positively impact on quality and economic improvement of the manufacturers through implementing internationally acceptable standards and quality systems.


Providing calibrated instruments and gauges in time to the end user in shop floor is a problem for the quality departments of all the organisations. Lack of suitable laboratory near to the manufacturing facility and the unaffordable cost of imported instruments add more to the quality costs .IMS promise to the customer to deliver the calibrated gauges and instruments by shortest possible delay by appointing personnel for each activity such as collection, calibration, report preparation and delivery to the customer.
IMS provides training to its customer’s quality department personnel about the use and maintenance of gauges and instruments. Customer is always welcome to IMS laboratory to witness the calibration and clear any doubts about the instruments usage, safety precautions and maintenance.