Metrology the back bone of Industry

Metrology is the back bone of quality control and assurance . In this modern era of globalisation and standardization of products, a finished product should conform to the international standard for the universal acceptance. Step by step inspection of the product right from the raw material stage till its reduction to scrap required to be ensured total quality. Metrology and calibration plays the vital role in quality control. Precision instruments used for measurements, gauges, templates and other jigs and fixtures need periodic calibration and validation.

ISOTECH Metrology Solutions indented to provide complete Metrology, calibration and Training requirements to the manufacturing industries, IMS established the laboratory as per the international standard IS/ISO/IEC 17025:2017 to execute and deliver quality calibration services to the industries in and around the industrial belt of Kanjikode and other places. Its leaders and engineers are experienced, trained and committed to metrology and calibration.

IMS has a project to educate and train prospective engineers and technicians by providing state of the art training in metrology and calibration. As the country entered into the global free trade there will be a mass requirements for quality professionals in the near future. IMS training facility will be able to provide professional with knowledge in both theoretical and practical application of metrology.

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